Wednesday, November 30, 2005


This show is awesome. My favorite part is when Riley and Huey are talkin about women and hoes.

Huey: "All women are not hoes. Only 20-25 percent tops."
Riley: "Ok if they not all hoes then why do I still gotta pay to take em out to eat then? I mean, I'm payin. That's payment."
Huey: "I don't know. Cause that's just what you do. You meet a girl, you take her out to dinner but you're not paying the girl, you're payin the restaurant."
Riley: "But I'm payin, which makes her a hoe. Why don't I just give her the money I was gonna spend on dinner and that hoe can go grocery shopping."

Sunday, November 27, 2005

XBox Glitches and Solutions

Blocked ventilation holes on Xbox 360? All the 360s have these "unpopped" ventilation holes. What an oxymoron. Ahhh well, here's the solution: Solution for Over-Heating A/C Adapter.
If that still doesn't work and you're fed up, do this: Smash My XBox ... download the video to watch em actually smash it after buying it from Best Buy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Broken 360

360 broken with a sledgehammer outside Best Buy minutes after being bought. Retard Wasted Donated Money To Do This... Posted by Picasa I know you nerds are crying at the sight of this. I almost am too.

XBox Standoff

XBox 360 Standoff This is so kool. I loved it.


Marvel M&M's Minizone. My favorite candy in the world. Here's a M&M's Mini Marvel Takeover comic strip.

Bruce Lee

My hero Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nintendo DS

I want this soooooo bad. This is the ultimate wish list gift! Fuck the iPod! This is RED! hehe Nintendo Reveals Red-Hot DS Bundle

Monday, November 07, 2005

Costa Rica!!!

If anyone wants to go to Costa Rica, we have ONE open spot! The trip comes to a grand total of $1200, plus or minus food & extras like souvenirs. How much do you eat? =) It's a nine day trip departing on March 24th returning April 2nd. Airfare is included in the price, but is due ASAP (we've already booked the flights) if you want to fly with the other 11 of us. It's also an immediate $250.00 deposit (due by the first week of December) plus $50.00 for travel insurance (if you want it - completely optional ... due by this Wed Nov 9th if you want it to cover the flight as well, otherwise, due anytime before the trip). The rest of the money is due in January or February (can't remember). So, if you're interested, I'm going along friends mostly from UCLA and Arizona. Message me for more info if you're interested. It's gonna be a GREAT trip!! Hiking, white water rafting, and minkey watchin'! Posted by Picasa

Screen Cleaner


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jobs ready to sell Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios would be open to a sale of the company at the right price ... Steve Jobs ready to sell Pixar
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