Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i've moved!

Debby Le Photography
[just click on the image above and it'll take you to my new home!]

Sunday, May 01, 2011

hard at work

I am hard at work trying to get this up and running as soon as possible. It took me a long time to settle into my decision that photography needs to be at the forefront of my attention right now, at least until bar results. I love blogspot. It's been my home and my virtual dumping grounds for at least 5 years. This was my platform to learn about myself and i'm sad to see it go, but it's time to evolve and start anew. As you can see, the banner has changed from soyouwanna to my own personal brand name. I might be nostalgic and change it back when my site is up and running, and keep this as a souvenir.  I'm keeping the same general layout, but things will be cleaner, and I'll have a new platform to show my work. I hope you'll continue to follow and thanks for the patience!!!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

summer colors and fragrances

The pink Maybelline Natural Glow is my favorite. When i do heavy liner, blush, and a light base for daily use, the natural lip color is perfect. It’s also one of the best moisturizers in a lipstick I’ve found yet. The Revlons are also really fun for summer [mine is coral and fuchsia]. The rest are variations of pinks from Estee Lauder that i sometimes add on top, but smudge away with a napkin. The gold is fun for nights out.

My favorite parfums for the summer are the following: gucci envy me, apothia if, versace crystal noir, dolce & gabbana light blue, and estee lauder emerald dream. I like them in that order too. I haven’t tried anything new recently, but these have been my favorites for a long time, with the exception of the versace. I tend to wear parfums rather than eau de toilette because I love the distinct fragrance that complements my body lotion, and doesn’t wear off in an hour. I feel like I get my money’s worth more with parfums, and since they smell so good, why not?
Fave liners are Chanel. Not that I don’t love my trusty cheap Maybelline too, it’s just that when I want something really simple and clean, won’t smudge or crack…Chanel is the way to go.I bought this in Paris, and it comes with a smudger end as well as a sharpener that is amazing. My mascara I found in Turkey and it’s a brand called Lumenein Natural Code. I bought it because I wanted a mascara that is very light, and just makes my lashes longer but not necessarily thicker. Since I was traveling, I wanted the simplest makeup to enhance my eyes to show how happy I am!

Friday, April 29, 2011

bishop of london's sermon

Marriage should transform, as husband and wife make one another their work of art. It is possible to transform as long as we do not harbour ambitions to reform our partner. There must be no coercion if the Spirit is to flow; each must give the other space and freedom.

[Bishop of London's sermon]

Saturday, April 23, 2011

bangs and baskets

I went back to Toni & Guy Academy today to get some more fringe. I'm still getting used to the bangs, but I like that it makes my cut look softer. Today's shoot is simple and lounge-worthy. My skinny J Brand jeans are easy to run around and do errands, and the H&M tees are my favorite things to wear period these days. I need to grab a few more because I'm wearing these to death. Necklaces are a combination of Forever 21 and travel jewelry.
J Brand jeans, H&M tee, Forever 21 necklaces
I got this Easter basket from my second mom. I gave away some of my Peeps and most of my jelly beans...but the Reeses and Cadbury eggs are all mine!!!  I love that spring is here, but I hate that everyone is on break!!! I'm not in school anymore, so the streets are crowded on days when they should not be! I had a frustrating day trying to get things done, and eventually gave up to veg and read at home. Since I can't find the Hunger Games series anywhere, I got my ereader out and downloaded the books to it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

maiden run

It's here! It's here!!! The UPS guy knew there was something fun in the package the minute I opened the door. My new 60D is here!!! I put the 50mm lens in, charged the battery, and waited anxiously til it was fully charged. As soon as the green light came on, I ran to my brother and made him take the first photos of my outfit today. I'm trying out the smaller curls. It was too poofy, so i let it sit without any hairspray until it went down a bit. I think I'll get my shorter bangs tomorrow!
club monaco navy blue silk skirt, h&m tank, gel sandals

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

guacamole with corn chips

I make guacamole quite often because it's so easy and cheap! I like to snack on avocados sliced in half with sprinkles of sugar, but when the avocado is too ripe, guacamole is perfect. My brothers always steal some when I make it, but I usually make only one large avocado's worth since it can turn brown fast [no preservatives!], and I like to keep them craving for more.
- one avocado
- one tomato
- one onion
- one lime
- cilantro
- black pepper and sea salt

I buy sweet onions, tomatoes, limes, and chips at the store. The avocados are fresh from my parent's garden. For one avocado, I make a very small serving of guacamole, the perfect snack for one. Only use a small slice or so of onion, chopped finely. I don't like too much onion in my guac, but you can add more to your liking! I also only use about 1/4 of the tomato and 1/3 of the lime. You can save the ingredients for more guac later upon request!  Sprinkle some black pepper and sea salt accordingly for an extra kick, and add the avocados. I usually halve the avocado, and cut it into chunks, and mash it with a fork into the mix. Eva Longoria says that she adds cilantro into it as well. I never thought about that, and I LOVE cilantro! Just a handful of the leaves chopped somewhat well makes the perfect addition to a simple recipe. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new bob

The new Toni & Guy academy just opened up a few months back, and today, I got the courage to chop off my hair again. I trimmed it once before I left for my bar trip, but nothing since, so it's been about 2 years since my last big hair cut. This is an insanely drastic cut but I love it!! I think I'll go back to get even more taken off to make it less thick!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

white cut outs

I got this white cut out shirt a long time ago in a vintage rampage through my cousin's closet. It's soft, light, and completely see through, so i usually pair a colorful shirt underneath. I was running around doing errands today and hosting a small dinner party tonight, so I kept to solid colors. I love white in spring time. It just brightens my day. Ignore the dead/split ends. I really need to get a hair cut.

vintage white shirt, h&m tank

Friday, April 08, 2011

faux fur

I got a faux fur neckwrap from Russia and used it all the time during the last half of the bar trip, so it's pretty banged up now. My best friend gave this to me when we got back, and I actually love the color of this one much more. It's been windy as hell here in CA, and I hear a small tornado is working its way east, so I took the opportunity to bring this back out, and use it before I get sick. All the shots are portrait because I did the shoot too late in the day, so the lighting is bad on the whole body shots.
faux fur neck wrap from cost plus world market

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

jennie's bachelorette

We drove out to Temecula for Jennie's bachelorette, and spent the day  filled with sweet wines, gorgeous weather, pretty dresses, and tons of collaborated food. We had a limo drive us around to the wine tastings, so we were free to drink as much as possible and take as many pictures as we could!

We had the best limo driver ever! He busted out a CD with this awesome compilation and rolls up to every vineyard blasting Blame It on the Alcohol...and then picks us up with the same song!!! Thanks Al!

Al hasn't learned the focus feature on my camera. Ah well...still cute!

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