Friday, October 26, 2007

I Converted to Mac

I saw the Leopard work. I am sooooo converting to Mac now. Mac Book Pro is what I want. 15 beautiful inches. The OS is absolutely phenomenal but I am still in PC mode. I think it's time to change for the better.

Now I just have to scrap enough money for it and I'm there. I got the hook ups, the IT, the lessons all ready to go.

My only problem is finding the time to learn the system and use it to my best ability. I can't seem to find enough time in law school but I think that my beautiful old Dell is about to go obsolete on me one of these days. Last night, I spent hours and hours with my favorite IT guy reinstalling Windows, cleaning Microsoft junk, and reinstalling programs to my virus infested computer. However, it came with a price. I had to listen to his scpeel on the greatest OS ever, the Leopard, and to be honest, it worked. I'm sold.

I'm in an emotional bind. I admit, I'm emotionally attached to my cherry-wood covered Dell and if I give it up, it'll go to one of my computer illiterate family members. So sad.

Should I go for it? or wait until summer to get it and learn it then?

MacBook Pro

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  1. Summer is a long time. But, you have to remember that the longer you wait the better and cheaper the technology will get. I think you should wait until summer.


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