Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Legends

Another hilarious Nancy post that calls for a blog post.

Family Legends is what the family tells people. The problem: it's only true in the parents' minds, not the actual people they are referring to. :::sigh::: What can you do? After awhile, you start to see the humor in it and don't take it so seriously... as long as the story is not about you.

As for me, it's ALWAYS funny unless it directly affects the life my parents DON'T know about. Here is my family legend:

Legend: I am betrothed to a graduated and already successful Vietnamese orthopedic surgeon that is about to open his own office and is immensely Catholic.

Truth: I'm single and short. I don't date surgeons. He's single but tall. He's barely Catholic. He doesn't like short girls.

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  1. lol! great post! dude, you gotta rent the convenant. passable plot, passable acting -- eh, but really HOT lead actor!


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