Thursday, April 21, 2011

maiden run

It's here! It's here!!! The UPS guy knew there was something fun in the package the minute I opened the door. My new 60D is here!!! I put the 50mm lens in, charged the battery, and waited anxiously til it was fully charged. As soon as the green light came on, I ran to my brother and made him take the first photos of my outfit today. I'm trying out the smaller curls. It was too poofy, so i let it sit without any hairspray until it went down a bit. I think I'll get my shorter bangs tomorrow!
club monaco navy blue silk skirt, h&m tank, gel sandals

1 comment:

  1. work that camera girl!! so fun to play with. love your simple casual outfit. the long skirt looks so sophisticated. it makes your legs endless. the white tee is so simple but so perfect, it is like a little bit transparent and that what makes it delicate and precious. love your hair BTW


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