Sunday, February 06, 2011

winter what?

It is 75 degrees F outside. Winter what? I don't see no winter here in cali cali. It's superbowl sunday XLV [Steelers v. Packers], butI can't really watch it. It's Professional Responsibility today for me, and I must finish all 6 essays to turn in. The game will start soon, and the neighbors will be screaming and bar-be-queing...and I'll be back at my desk. However, I'll have the tele on mute, so I can keep a lookout for the half-time show to take my's the first time since the janet jackson fiasco that a woman [fergie] is the front[wo]man for the half time show, and i'm kind of excited for the black eyed peas to rock it.

 I love the color block pattern. I got this dress a few years back when I was at UCLA. My Italian roomie saw this dress on a trip down to Main St Huntington Beach, and begged me to take her back to Huntington Surf and Sport to get it. No problem, that's where I grew up! Luckily, they had TWO of these dresses left, one in her size and one in mine. She made me get it and I haven't regretted it.
hurley dress, H&M slippers

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