Thursday, July 05, 2007


We went to the markets in Đà Lạt and bought LOTS of fruit. Then we sat on the steps and mom and dad went back 30 years in time. They sat down, ordered 10 plates of snails, oysters, and other random seafoods that even I was iffy about. They sucked the snails right of their shells and I could only watch in awe at the skill.

Our driver rented two bikes that seat two people so we took a stroll down to the lake. In the middle of it, a downpour started out of nowhere. We RAN for cover while the boys, who are still on the bikes, rode back up the hill and met us at the car. Everyone was drenched to the core so we had to take hot baths when we got back to the hotel. Too bad the hot water wasn’t running in our room. Great timing.

Dinner was good. We went to a restaurant called Nhà Hàng Không Tên. It literally means the “restaurant with no name”. One white guy was sitting in the corner by himself eating. We walked in with our loud obnoxious ways, all 10 of us and ordered. In the middle of dinner, the waitresses put in dance music out of nowhere so we all got up to dance. The poor white guy was laughing at us so we pulled him over to our table. He came over and had a beer with us and chatted Khoa and I up. He was a microbiologist for the Pasteur foundation right across the street. He was from Australia and had traveled all over Asia, and happened to love Việt Nam the best. He came back to do his research and vaccination testing here in Đà Lạt for 6 weeks and then going to tour Việt Nam again with his girlfriend. We forgot to take a group picture again. I am so disappointed in myself.

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