Thursday, July 05, 2007


The same day, we hopped on a family boat to visit Đức Mẹ Đồng Đinh. She is a version of La Pieta and she sits on a small island in the middle of a river and was made famous by, ironically, a few drunk communists one night. She was beaten so bad that her head and hands fell off, Jesus’ head and feet are beaten, and the flowers laid out for Mary were strewn all over the island.

Karma takes its place after all. All three beaters encountered very bad luck afterwards. One died, the other was badly injured in a motor accident, and the last one fell ill to a fatal disease.

The people have since replaced the statue with a brand new one and she is still revered by many on pilgrimages. Pictures of the beaten Mary are still in the church on the mainland so the memory of it remains as a lesson.

The boat that took us there was owned by a family that actually lives on the boat. Four children live on it with their parents and their grandmother. The children were absolutely adorable and LOVED the camera, from both sides. They frequently tried to get in the picture, but once they figured out how to USE the camera, they were the ones taking the pictures…which was very quick. SNAP SNAP SNAP all the way home. The childrens’ names were Duc Thuy, Dung, and Dinh.

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