Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Law Review

When I first got to law school, I kept hearing this term "law review" sporadically around school. I had no clue as to what it was, what I needed to do to get it, or what the rewards were...but it was a big deal. So like many ignorant and wide eyed first year law students, I dreamed of making "law review" without knowing jack about it.

Today, walking through campus, I saw the bulletin that posted all the names of people that made law review. Since I've been deprived of good food, sleep, and basically the world outside of Whittier Law School, my spirits were a little low. But seeing that post made me look at law school in a new but still ignorant way.

So in this article about how Law Review is like Eating Vegetables, I find out that making Law Review is a big fricken deal. You can get in by writing, or through first year grades, which need to be insanely high...ON ALL CLASSES. In addition, the immediate rewards are minimal at best. You spend the next year of law school buried not only in your own books, but in other peoples' as well, correcting their mistakes and editing all kinds of papers. It sounds like paper boot camp to me, but the long term benefits are pretty amazing.

With law review under your belt, you are considered for many more opportunities when you graduate and are in the working world. Attorneys look very highly on law reviewers for the simple fact that they have been trained to work like a dog to be precise, reliable, ahead of the game in research, and persuasive all at the same time. These are great characteristics and skills that only law review can give a law student, albiet the excruciating time.

In the end of my research, the question is whether I want to make law review.
Ahem, u know me.
Bring on the pain.

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