Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas

My dad, bros, and i woke up at 7, packed our stuff and headed to Bear Mountain.
Once we got to Snow Valley, we stopped to see the conditions and liked what we saw.
Not crowded, great parking, and snow looked enticing.
We parked, changed into our gear and my dad headed in to buy tickets.
I walked to the bathroom and looked up at the mountain.
Something looked off.
The whole top of the mountain looked pristine clean.
Not a single skier. At first i was stoked and didn't think anything of it.
The bottom half was littered with people so I couldn't wait to get to the top.
I walked out of the bathroom again and this time i saw it.
The whole top half lifts were not moving.

I went back to the ticket booth and they said that they shut down all the lifts except for the beginner lifts because of the high wind speeds today.
I knew it was windy but we've been in these conditions before and it wasn't bad up there.
I think it was the wildfires and they were afraid that they might not get people down fast enough.

So. I drove an hour and half on a gorgeous sunny day to snow ski.
And i saw snow.
I just couldn't touch it.
My Christmas sucked balls.

I really hope yours was better. It's not hard to beat.


  1. Snow Valley? C'mon, don't ever go there. Just go to Big Bear.


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