Friday, February 22, 2008

Venting: Getting the Creeps

Have you ever been somewhere, anywhere, and some guy comes up to you to either make conversation, hit on you, or just plain get to know you?
I have ... and the reason for it happening to me all the time is because I sit in the same Starbucks cafe almost everyday and all the workers know me by name. Since I'm here so often, there is a high chance that someone who comes in fairly often will notice the girl camped out with 5 law school textbooks next to her and a 17 in Toshiba covering most of her head.

Normally, the people that come up and chat are great. Nice people that are just making conversation in a friendly and non threatening manner, even if you know they're interested in more than just talking. I'm a pretty open person. I enjoy meeting new people, which is the reason why I even study here... but it comes with a price...

Today, for some reason, has been a day of creepy people. Twice I was approached by guys that are absolutely creepy and I am beyond annoyed so I had to blog vent. I am sitting in my favorite spot right now and writing this as it's happening.

The first guy is none other than a fob. I don't have anything against accents at all. I actually LOVE accents, even Vietnamese ones! But it goes along with the personality and the specific person. This guy is by far, the most annoying fool I've ever met. The worse part about it, I can't say anything! If you know me, you know that I don't keep quiet if someone bothers me. I make it known. However, this time, I can't say anything because he is a lawyer in, where else, but Little Saigon and has connections in the lawyer associations in the community. With that said, I have to keep my mouth shut b/c they warn you in law school that you have to maintain civil manners in the face of annoyance or plain disgust. So I can do nothing but politely decline all of his invitations to dinners, coffees, and even internships. I can't quite explain the feelings I get on this, but I guess the closest thing is a woman's intuition. I just don't feel right when he's around and he just plain gives me the creeps although he is a practicing lawyer and architect. I don't care if he makes a zillion dollars a year and is a genius. It's not worth my uneasiness.

The second guy is a scrubby lookin fella. I didn't notice him at first, but a worker actually pointed him out to me when I left to get a cup of coffee. Apparently, this fool has been staring at me behind my ginormous screen while eating a coffee cake and the crumbs are dribbling down his mouth. How insanely gross is that? [sorry, a little OC came out of nowhere there..]
Well, he plucked himself a couch next to me and watched me type this out without his knowing. A few moments ago, after the fob fool left me alone after I told him that he was bothering my study time, THIS fool decides to gather his balls and knock on my laptop screen and comment on how big my Toshiba was. It was followed by "you are such a small little girl, you should get one of those cute little pink computers that fits your small frame." Do I look like a Harujuku girl with a pink diamonds encrusted on my laptop and phone? NO. Leave me the hell alone with my bad ass machines. arhhhggg.


  1. i never get hit on here. no love i tell ya. people just stare at me like i'm a movie star. ;-)

  2. HAHA! The last few lines, I can actually picture your facial expressions while you type it. You would never get a pink latop.

  3. poohaha.. popuplar girl..


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