Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lincoln Memorial @ Night

Coming here at night was the best. The Great Emancipator shines in the night and he is so peaceful. I was overwhelmed looking up at him. This is my favorite memorial by far.

The night time takes a different perspective of the Reflecting Pool. It seems more regal and mysterious to me, and I love the graininess in this pic. The obelisk here, with the dark night and graininess, looks like a scene from a sci fi movie.

After a wonderful steak dinner at Sonoma, one of the nice restaurants on the Senate side of the Capitol, I had to cab here for this pic. I wished the pic captures the luminiscence of Abe better to contrast against my dress, but it was freezing so this the best I got. Photoshoppers, take a stab at it if the lighting bothers so you much. ^_^

my outfit: banana asymmetrical dress, aldo clutch, also sparkling pumps

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