Wednesday, October 07, 2009

my first yelp elite event

This is my first Yelp Elite event! I never go to these because I know no one from Yelp and I just don't socialize much. I go in to make reviews and I exit. At most, I'll approve compliments and maybe look up a review on my phone. However, I have made some great friends recently through school and the weird Viet bond, and here we are at an event together.

South Coast Repertory @ night is beautiful

us four having dinner @ Mortons before the event

in line at SCR

the girls @ SCR, enjoying some chardonnay

mingling before the show


  1. So, what exactly do you do at this event? They don't buy you dinner or anything?

  2. The events are usually with tons of food. This one was a bit different. We got to see one of two plays at SCR for free, and complimentary drinks [chardonnay or beer] and light snacks. That's why we went to dinner beforehand.

  3. This looks so fun! You guys look so pretty. Oh and let me know next time you guys do yoga!


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