Saturday, October 31, 2009

rockabilly / sailor / skipper / andre agassi

This is actually the first changing for Halloween. We also attended a masquearde ball for Yelp before this, but those pictures are to come when Sargeant Photography posts them. We changed into sailor/rockabilly/skipper/andre agassi wear for the second house party.

I love this image!
Thank god I turned on the flash because the girl taking this picture was quite intoxicated.

Zach and Michelle as the skipper and his first mate! How unbelievably cute did these costumes turn out?!
I'm loving the pipe Zach's sporting, and Michelle's anchor necklace is the perfect finish.

Rhett and and Morgan as Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. OK, so the timing is off by 10 years, but who's counting? Rhett is tennis player Andre Agassi in the 80s with the spandex shorts and long hair. The hair creeped me out big time, but it was the funniest costume ever. When he bounced out of the bathroom in full gear, I think we all peed our pants laughing. I just realized that we did not take a group shot of all our costumes together I'm sorry to say that you will miss out on seeing Rhett's pink spandex shorts that we were all so privileged to see.

We went to In-n-Out after the masquerade since the food was not so filling there. After stuffing our faces silly with animal style fries, cheeseburgers, and jalapenos, we headed off to the next party! These are some extra shots of Zach and Michelle when we were waiting for our food. I'm running in the background.

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