Thursday, December 02, 2010

prague, czech republic

We squeezed in a trip to the Czech Republic because...well, it's us! We wanted to go to Prague!!!! However, the weather was not on our side. It was absolutely freezing, -10 Celcius to be exact [14 Fahrenheit]. We stayed in Old Town in the cutest hotel called Royal Residence ... and because we were so close to the Charles Bridge, we decided to check it out despite the weather. We didn't know that it was a pedestrian bridge, a beautiful one especially in winter. Famous saints align the bridge so we stopped to take a few photos but it started to snow a lot harder and I was afraid for my camera.  

 church St Vita by Prague Castle
covered in snow!

 We are at the top of the hill where Prague Castle sits. It's absolutely freezing, and I'm amazed that I can even smile. I actually had to pull out my umbrella for the walk to block the wind and snow from getting inside my clothes and headscarf!
Kat covered in snow

I love this pic. I look like a Deatheater.
To combat the cold, we decided to warm up with some mulled wine. It's an Eastern European thing? I'm not sure, but we keep seeing it on restaurant windows. The following is my take on mulled wine....
I'm very excited to try it! As it warms my frozen fingers, I bring it to my lips and inhale as I usually do when i drink wine. I'm supposed to smell it first right?! NO!!! The fumes from the hot wine nearly knocked me sideways. I still drink it though....
Oh dear god, please don't make me finish this...
mulled wine, you are not my friend
traditional Czech meal
This restaurant is across the way from my hotel, and we only went there because we were pretty much snowed in. We jumped through the snow that was between us, and had the BEST steak I've ever had in MY LIFE. I had steak tar tar with fried bread. Kat had steak, cooked rare with fries. Oh dear god, both dishes were so delicious. We shared both dishes and finished but steaks!! Carnivores we are!!!!


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