Tuesday, December 07, 2010

verona, italy

Debby: Last week I flew to Verona to see my roomy. On the one I drank a lot of wine, it was red, strong it fucked me up... On day two i had horse and it was wild.. Giulia: OMG listen girl I had a special time ever.. Basically as I was stepping from my SUV I came face to face with a bitch or whatever.. Anyway she was wearing skinmmy jeans and the cutest socal accent ever...i could tell she was a globetrotter from her tiny bag... Mmm she is totally funny... LOL! 

We have been to Verona before, but as tourists. This time, we went to visit my old roomy Giulia from UCLA days. She lives and works in Verona, and she took me around the city, meeting her friends and colleagues for 2 amazing nights! 
 italians have croissants as well and they are amazing
 one of the cutest cars ever
This dish is called tar tar de cavallo [horse tar tar]! I never knew that Italians ate horse and donkey, but on this occasion, I learned that both are delicacies and traditional dishes of the northern Italians. Giuls is a large fan of the horse meat, and so...I had to try it too! It is more tender than steak tar tar, and they add capers and spices to it...and all you have to do is add some olive oil and salt to it...and its ready to go. Learning new things everyday...

One of the coolest things I learned in Verona is that there are a lot of old and prominent families still living there. I met Misamilla at a bar for drinks, and the next day, Giulia took me to see her winery. The winery Serega Alighieri has been in the family for 650 years!!! Even cooler, Misa can trace her ancestry back to DANTE ALIGHIERI, the poet of Divine Comedy! They are direct descendants of Dante, and the eldest son has taken over the winery estate for generations. When there was a lack of male heir, the eldest daughter married into Serega family and became Serega Alighieri, which is the name of the winery today. Above is a pic with the Alighieri girls, Giuls, me, and Kat. Below is Misa and Mariana's father, who is the direct descendant of Dante, and the owner of the winery today.

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