Thursday, March 31, 2011

black magic woman

We went to Magic Castle in Hollywood for a close friend's surprise birthday dinner and magic show. If you have ever been there, you would know that the dress code is er...of high caliber. Gentlemen in suits, ladies in cocktail dresses. I laughed when I read that women have to be in cocktail dresses, evening gowns, pant suits...or leather pants?! How unbelievably awesome. I opted for the safety outfit as always when I'm in LA. I have learned that in partying in LA, one must be comfortable as well as fashionable. You are walking insane amounts of places like partying/dancing it up in a posh club, and then standing in line at Pink's Hot Dogs at 2am. Because of the wide range of activities that I could be doing without a change of clothing, I opt for simple, comfortable, black. On that, I just got this Theory dress at the outlet Theory store and was dying to wear it somewhere awesome. It's so simple, yet so elegant and chic. I can add any accessory so here, I paired it with a gifted necklace, some black and gold jewelry, and a red Aldo clutch. I went for a lot of jewelry because the dress is so simple, but I ended up taking the necklace off since I was carrying too many presents and running around making sure the birthday girl doesn't see me until the surprise time.
 theory dress, jessica simpson pumps, aldo clutch, forever 21 jewelry, gifted necklace

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