Sunday, June 14, 2009

matrix got a boo boo

My little red Matrix got rear ended last night. *tear.. :(
I was at a red light, about to make a right. I was halfway into the street, checking for traffic before making the turn, and he rams into me.

Since it was technically on private property, the cops usually don't take incident reports, but my friend was with me, and I had him run to the Starbucks I just passed by, and grab a cop there. The cop came up and explained the private property deal...but made the exception since my car was halfway out onto the street, and the other guy is from out of state. Thanks Officer Gallant!

Thank god the damage isn't bad, and I'm not hurt or anything, but my hatch has a huge dent in it and my bumper wont pop back in. I'm annoyed at the stupidity of the accident, and that I have to take out time to get an estimate and then have it fixed.

1 comment:

  1. That sucks. Nothing is as much of a debbie downer (er, wait...maybe I should use a different phrase) as getting in a wreck, no matter how small.


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