Friday, August 28, 2009

let's go!

"We’ll show you just how far your money can go, and prove that the greatest limitation of your adventures is not your wallet, but your imagination."

The bulk of you that know me, know that I travel as much as I can...whether I have the funds or not. This weekend, I'm setting aside a day to plan my BAR trip tentatively with my constant travel buddy Kat. It's called our BAR trip because this next summer, I'll be taking the BAR exam, and the minute I'm done with it, I'll be flying across the globe as far east as I can, and then finding my way back to Paris from there. I'm approximating [is that a word?] about 2-3 months for this trip, and tons of loans, but it will be soooo worth it. I do NOT want to wait 4 months at home, waiting for the results of the BAR.

I have used the Let's Go series religiously since I was 17 years old, researching for my backpacking trip throughout Europe. Since then, I have used Let's Go Western Europe, Europe, Vietnam, Peru, and South America. The reason I love Let's Go over all other travel guides is because they have the perfect balance for my kind of traveling: half tourist, half backpacker without being crazy bum nor breaking the bank. It gives you TONS of great tips on places are are off the beaten path, and I have found that my greatest memories are from these side suggestions.

I just picked up Let's Go Southeast Asia...and I am soooooo excited to crack it open to begin my planning!


  1. This sounds exciting! Hm, I should try this if I should ever go traveling in the future!

    La C.

  2. Thats right, Lets Go has been a big part of our lives huh?!!
    I also love the Rough Guides we discovered for SE ASia and China though too.
    Speaking of all this, lets plan another day for more trip planning fun soon...and after looking at your pics down below, I think Trip Planning Day 2 needs to be accompanied by us cooking a fancy dinner and having some fabulous wine too!! =)

  3. i'm heading to langkawi (malaysia) later this month. i'll let you know if its a worthy stop. :T


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