Sunday, August 30, 2009

photoblog success

I have reverted back to the original template and spent the last 3 hours figuring out how to widen my blog perfectly so. I realized that photoblog is not what I was looking for although a lot of my posts consist of pictures. The difference is that photoblogs tend to not have sidebars. What I was really looking for is a simple wide blog that allows a balance of photography with a sidebar for my reading purposes as well. I browsed through hundreds of blogs, and stumbled on Blushing Ambition. Her blog has been my reference as her style is closest to mine...therefore, I want to credit my blog template to her. Thank you, Annabel!


2 days earlier....

I am not satisfied with my photoblog right now. I know it's just me being antsy and compulsive, but I feel like this template isn't working for my purposes. I'm on the lookout for a clean, minimal template that can showcase photos, but also allow me to post poems and thoughts as well. These are my favorite photo blogs so far:

Blushing Ambition
La Couturier
Garance Dore

Any suggestions?


  1. I kind of like blushing ambition because it has the largest photos and is the simplest. Next, I like garance dore.

  2. Yea I agree. Blushing Ambition > Garance Dore > La Couturier.

    Simple white templates are clean and will let the photos speak for themselves. (Says the blogger with a black background haha.)


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