Wednesday, July 07, 2010

grey skies in july

Gloomy skies make me want to wear grey all the time. Although it's overcast, I love this weather for a few reasons. 1) I'm stuck inside from 9 am to at least 9 pm, so you bummin' lazy summer people can suffer somewhat with me, 2) the gloom makes me focus more on my studies by not wanting to go outside for some fresh air and sun, and 3) when i did get a chance to snap these pics this morning, it makes for great photography lighting!

oh, and in case you were wondering, i haven't watered my lawn in ages bc the sprinklers are broken, and the reflection in my aviators is my air conditioner thingamajig covered in cobwebs. I'm not a good housewife during the bar.

my favorite aviators from aldo

Every single one of my shades are from Aldo. I love the accessories they carry!!! Since I throw them around everywhere and loose my sunglasses constantly, I don't feel bad about manhandling Aldo shades because they are insanely cheap [$12] and feel awesome!!!! When they go bad, it's an excuse to purchase the next set of fun shades. I want to protect these, however, because it is so hard to find the perfect pair of aviators. These are men's size, but they are my absolute aviators yet, so i purchased an awesome yellow case to protect them for only $5 at the outlet!

These boots are pull up, but they have this clasp in the back that's so pretty and unique...but not very comfortable when you want to cross your legs. I ended up taking them off to sit indian style to study for the rest of the day. *_*

hand me down shaw, wifebeater, random tights, grey suede over the knee suede boots, aldo aviators


  1. Dig the tones and textures. The glasses and boots do set off a good downplayed fun for what I hear radio calling "june gloom" (I hate most cliches btw) hahaha
    Simple and trendy. word.


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