Friday, July 09, 2010

snakeskin and linen

This snakeskin belt is my mother's. Someone gave it to her as a gift on her wedding day, and she just had it tucked away in her closet for 20 years. I, of course, came across it, and squealed delightfully the minute I got my hands on it. She let me have it, and I pair it with as many things as I can. She says it came from Vietnam, so I love it even more.

I woke up at six - effing - thirty this morning. I don't think I even slept that well last night. I rolled out of bed at 7, showered, and started putting aside some clothes for the bar trip. In that pile, I saw this skirt and decided to work with it today. I picked it up for $10 at H&M a few weeks back, and wasn't sure how it wear it really. It's kind of long, and high-waisted, but the pockets and the linen sold me. It came with a linen belt too, but i decided my favorite belt would be more fun.

uncharacteristically chipper at 730 in the morning

H&M linen skirt, H&M sandals, random grey tank, mum's snakeskin belt

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  1. i was thinking, when the hell did you take these pics? you've been in room 14 all day! oh, 730am in the morning. you're wild.


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