Sunday, July 04, 2010

strawberries and sugar

I'm about to hit the sack, but here's something red that made me happy for the 4th... i ate this whole bowl in one sitting by the way.
Instead of sunshine, beaches, and BBQs, I stayed in all day memorizing community property, and then went to my mum's to steal food. She knew that i was probably not eating right, nor sleeping right, so she stuffed my face with fruits and kumquat smoothies [i'm still unsure about the kumquat....]

I did find, however, this strawberry dessert in the fridge, ready to eat! I have had some ewws and ahhhs about this dessert before from friends that watch me make and eat it. The sugar thing doesn't seem right with the tart strawberries, but trust me, it SO is...especially when it's cold and the ice has melted so the juice is semi sugary sweet with a hint of tart. It is my absolute favorite since i was little, and it's soooo very easy to make. She gave me extra strawberries to take home to make it myself for tomorrow, so here it is.

fresh strawberries
ice cubes

That's all you need. Cut up the strawberries, put a layer of sugar on, add some ice cubes, mix it a bit to get the sugar spread evenly throughout, add more ice cubes, little more sugar, and put it into the refrigerator until all the ice has melted [or mostly melted]...and voilà. It's a little sweet but oh so perfect for a hot summer day.

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  1. nice! next time instead of sugar, try a bubbly white wine. my coworker gave me some and it was heavenly.


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