Sunday, May 10, 2009

lillian's graduating!

Today, I got to do a small photoshoot for Lillian. She wanted these shots before the actual day to avoid the insane crowds...which is a very good idea. No one was on campus so we had the whole front to ourselves! It started out dreary earlier in the morning, but it was sunny and hot by the time we got to campus!

Here are some of the shots she wanted and they came out great!
I love the purple color of the flowers. They match the purple stripes on Lillian's gown!

Of course, there has to be jumpting shots!

I love this back shot.
She did it as a practice shot while looking at her reflection, but I caught it anyway, and its one of my faves.

She was a super good sport and jumped a MILLION times to get the perfect angle.
We could not get the timing to snyc right and the law school gown is the heaviest thing on earth

We threw this cap about a million times to get it just right, not covering the Whittier law School letters, and not disappearing into the blackness of the windows.


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