Friday, May 01, 2009

Paso Robles . Cambria . San Francisco

This trip took about a whole day out of my study schedule to plan, but soooo worth the time. My best friend, her auntie and grandmother are wonderful people, especially since they love to travel and drink wine! They have planned a trip to Paso Robles and Cambria right after finals to attend the Wine Festival...and they have included me into their trip. I LOVE them! I will miss the Wine Festival, but will join them for lots of wine tasting in Paso and Cambria right after I take my last final as a 2L!

This is Paso Robles Inn, where I will join them in the trip.

We will continue to Cambria, staying at Fogcatcher Inn...with this view. I cannot WAIT.

I will continue to San Francisco after returning to OC for one day to attend my first summer school class. My friend Lillian is graduating law school, and about to take the bar, so we are all meeting in SF to party it up at Roe!

This is Intercontinental San Francisco, a 4 star diamond hotel we managed to grab off TravelZoo for dirt cheap. This weekend will also ROCK!


  1. Honestly, Paso is a town that you drive past and not stay long. It seems nice in pictures but, well, you'll see. YMMV.


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