Thursday, May 28, 2009

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was built for the Panama - Pacific Exposition in 1915. We went there after the museum to take pictures. Since it looks like old Europe, there were a lot of couples taking engagement / wedding pictures. Some of them were super tacky although the scenery is beautiful. Well, since we also had my awesome G10, we had to take pics of ourselves! This is our interpretation of the Palace of Fine Arts...isn't it so much more interesting than the boring wedding photos?
Goofball monkeys
There is absolutely no reason why we did YMCA. It just fit with the number of people.

Mi Ryung's prancing jump is fantastic

Climbing on old buildings...there was wood covering up the holes in the steps up.
Kind of scary but the pic paid off.

Lildo jumps higher than me.
Element skinny jeans, Club Monaco white tee, Martin & Osa sweater, The Limited scarf, Aldo ballet flats

Crazy Tien. I do, however, take credit for taking this photo framing!
Yes, we are family


  1. The Palace of Fine Arts is awesome, isn't it? It would be so tight to be able to live in one of those houses.

  2. You silly, silly girls. Nice to see you post again!


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