Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm super excited about this new line 830Sign. I love Italians and their clothes. I had two Italian roomies back in college, both whom I love dearly, and have kept in touch with. Both of them, albiet extremely different in personalities, carry a fashionable trait that is only innate in Italians. Simple, expensive, and comfortable. Their wardrobe is minimal, but every piece counts.

830Sign belongs to Giulia Spiller, my roomie. She recently started this line, but the launch will be for next summer. The line is beautiful, and these are a few of my favorites that I hope to obtain when its released...hopefully with a little discount. ^_^

I adore the cropped jacket above, and the light sweater as well. It's perfect for CA weather.

This sweater below just looks like the most comfortable thing on earth

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