Monday, September 21, 2009

restaurant week oc

This week was restaurant week in OC. Since it's gotten so popular, they extended it for another week so i may advantage of that. A bunch of $20 dinners and fine wine all week = yumminess if you pick the right places. Our favorites are Xanh, Old Vine, and Kimera. We hated Sundried Tomato Cafe. However, since I wasn't stuffing my face with food, I had time to take pictures. Here are some from Charlie Palmer @ Bloomingdales and Sundried Tomato.

This bottle of champagne was the highlight of the night. Isn't it just so pretty? My friend brought it to the restaurant, and it was delicious. I took a picture, but I also took the empty bottle home.

charlie palmer happy hour

yelpers @ sundried tomato cafe in laguna

rhett's signature look

bleh, i hate blurry pics, but I hate night shots with flash even more, so this will have to do

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