Tuesday, September 08, 2009

technological difficulties

Update: After all this, is it so easy as a bad battery? What a coincidence if it is. I bought a new battery as a last resort, and testing it to see if it goes ape sh** again. So far, so good...


I've been running around all day trying to figure out how to fix my Blackberry. It keeps turning off when I random check my email, goooglemap, or facebook. It also drops calls on a whim in full reception. I had to purchase an old used bb as backup if this one never turns on again.

My phone has been flawless for the last year, and only recently after I updated the newest software did it start to act up. Hopefully, after a session with 611, I am able to get back on solid ground and depend on my trusty bb again. It's amazing how dependent I am of this thing. Gah.

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