Friday, September 04, 2009

steve mcCurry

Everyone knows this image. It's the infamous Afghan Girl, photographed by Steve McCurry. I stumbled onto his blog, but am much more impressed with his website images. The blog, however, does contain the stories as he is experiencing them, and they are fantastic. Although he has been all over the world 100 times over, he never ceases to see the life and beauty in each country and its people. His portraits are magnificent, and he is one of my favorite National Geographic photographers. My favorites are the Getting There and Faith galleries.

His recent trip to India to photograph the
Ganesh Chaturthi festival looks amazing, but at a costly price. Since the people do not favor photography during the festival, they dunked his head underwater along with his camera and equipment. His assistant had the same fate. Such a shame to look all those images, but a few did survive. These are a few I was able to find on the net, but there are too many great ones to choose from. I may have to pick up his Portraits book for my library collection.

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