Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i am 27

i am 27 years old now.

To celebrate this day, my cousins, brothers, and friends all came out for 2 days this past weekend. I had the best time, and I am still reeling from the weekend. We went K1 Racing in Irvine, and then had a huge dinner at Habana in Costa Mesa, and then danced the last bit of the night away at iLounge in Irvine. The next day, we had brunch at Break of Dawn, shopped, and then finished the night at Cafe Artist for some good ole' Viet food.

Here are some of the group pics of the weekend, and some of my favorites...

prom style posing

my amazing girls

me and tien at habana

after dinner madness

grope the birthday girl pose

still can't believe they picked me up. but i'm very glad they did not hold me sideways

hehehehehhehe that's right

@ break of dawn for breakfast!

with deedo too. he didn't get the memo for white

sibling rivalry

yay to everyone that made it to race!!! it was a very painful experience but so incredibly fun


  1. Happy Birthday!! You look so pretty!! Actually hot!

  2. Man, that looks like a pretty awesome birthday celebration. Happy berfday!


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