Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween halloween halloweenie!!

Change of costume for Leanne's party at the Linden House! The theme was darkness, so I had to wear something DARK. I've never been a witch before, and I couldn't resist this hat for $10.

my leanna as absinthe girl

I love this hat, but I can't see from under it!

These guys are the best! The small guy scared the bejeeegies of out me, but he was actually quite nice.

oh absinthe, how we like to taste you

chris is the host of the mickey is the mascot of disneyland
oh wait, he is mickey..

van gogh, twiggy, absinthe, witch

1 comment:

  1. i was just wondering what the girl with the flower headdress is dressed as? i can't quite put my finger on it. everyone looks fantastic!


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