Monday, November 16, 2009

packing for boston

I have been working frantically to get things done so that I can leave for Boston tomorrow with less stress. I'm representing Whittier Law School's Vietnamese American Student Bar Association, I'm so excited to go! Although the conference is 5 days long, I'm hoping to get in as much touristy activities as possible and eat tons of seafood!

I'm doing all the packing tonight, but so far, I've just thrown all the stuff I want to take into the suitcase pile, and I'll figure it out when I put them into space bags [when obsessive compulsive disorder takes over]. I also have to fit a suit into my suitcase as well for the conference, which I'm not looking forward to wearing in this cold.

The weather is supposed to range from 49-52 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill. bah. I picked up a Dereon parka from Burlington this week to accommodate that, but I don't like wearing parkas, even in snow. I'm also bringing an orange knit hat from Urban Outfitters with fur lining that I got for my birthday. Hopefully these will be enough to keep me warm on top of the layers I brought, and not make me look like an Asian balloon on the Freedom Trail.

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