Saturday, June 19, 2010

boiling crab

9 lbs crawfish, 9 lbs shrimp, 18 raw oysters, 3 baskets cajun fries, 24 sausages, 6 potatoes, 21 beers.
Bill: $330. Not too shabby.


What happens when you put Cajun and Viets together? You get the best shabang sauce EVER. Boiling Crab is one of the first pioneers for crawfish houses on the West Coast. They have perfected the sauce, and no other crawfish house here in Little Saigon can imitate it....which is why the lines are over 2 hours long pretty much all the time. We went tonight, supposedly for Chris' birthday, but I think the minute I said Boiling Crab, I got responses of "YES" before I said it was for Chris. hehehhehe. A very eclectic group of friends came from all over [Atlanta, SF, LA] and created a massacre of crawfish, shrimp, oysters, and of course, beer.

Screw you BP, we killed more seafood than you tonight...but we clean up a hell of a lot better. *_*

We sat right in the middle of the restaurant, and the sun set RIGHT where we were sitting. No worries, we just pull out our shades, and keep going. Sorry for all the overexposed shots, but it kind of shows the glare that was beating on my face half the meal!

oh yah, the birthday boy *_*

I forgot to take photos of the outfit again. I totally meant to, but forgot when they called our name to be seated. I took some when i got home. It smells like crawfish. ew.


  1. how many people was that? that was a lot of seafood. not sure about the factual accuracy of the bp comment, though.

  2. Still thinking about how bomb that food was...


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