Friday, June 25, 2010

vintage french

Grabbed this French inspired Club Monaco dress at the last sale. I can't believe I scored it in my size. I knew exactly where I was going to wear it to the minute i saw dinner with the girls and my french professor. Today was the first day this week that I left the school before 9 pm. The sun was still out! I even managed to grab one of my brothers on their way out of the house for some pics. I look like crap with bags under my eyes and puffy cheeks, so let's showcase the dress more today than me.

I have no idea what the straps on the back are for. They just dangle there, and it's the prettiest thing. Who'd have thought? Just a piece of fabric looped through the back of my dress. heh.

and did i mention...pockets?!?! ..::eeep!::..
club monaco dress spring 2010, aldo blush bag, cathy jean wedges

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