Sunday, June 13, 2010

soirée avec gina

Every few months, my two best friends and I have dinner with our favorite professor of all time, Gina Gruwell. She was out high school French professor who took us abroad after our senior year, and she was the one that taught us all how to backpack and travel. She and her husband Rod have been our mentors and inspirations since we met them 14 years ago. It's amazing to me that this year is our 10 year high school reunion, and we still keep in touch with all the people we treasured the most from that time. I'm very blessed to have these relationships still...and cheers to many more years of wining, dining, and traveling!!!!

gorgeous table settings

Me digging into the caprese salad and Kat opens the Prisoner, a group favorite red.

Gina made the most amazing dinner. 2 in thick steaks with mash potatoes and veggies, topped with an insanely delicious peppercorn sauce. [she tweaked the recipe from Morton's but I personally think her reduction is much better than Morton's]. We brought over 5 bottles of wine from our latest trip to Napa, but Gina had a chilled bottle of white waiting when we got there, then opened one of HER favorites called Grey Wolf after we finished off ours, and then topped off the night with a malt scotch whiskey tasting. Goodness, i'm getting drunk just thinking about it...

Oh, and she also made amazing portobello mushrooms for the vegans! i wanted to eat this whole as well.

the original 4, but we've expanded to include the boys as well *_*

I got a new Club Monaco dress that fit this occasion perfectly, but I'll have to do the outfit shoot later. I also forgot to do a group photo! =/ Next time, we are going to go out to a Thai restaurant, my favorite one, so I will have to be sure to take one!

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