Saturday, June 26, 2010

packing . plane . paris

I had a 6 hour simulated exam today. 3 hours in the AM, and 3 hours in the PM. I went home afterward to nap for an hour. Woke up, showered, and did this shoot before I have to go back to watch the lecture for the exam...telling me why I got over 50% of the questions wrong. sigh. At least i saw some sun today too.

On a brighter note, I found this necklace in a random Forever 21 bowl of jewelry for $2.99. It's a plane, a luggage tote, and an Eiffel Tower. Three of my favorite things, and it's what keeps me going everyday in this barbri class. Wearing it reminds me of what's at the end of the tunnel.

forever 21 travel necklace, h&m shirtdress, forever 21 shorts, h&m flip flops


  1. whoa you actually did more work after that marathon? you're wild

  2. i love it!! you look so pretty and daintY! :D

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