Friday, August 27, 2010

taiwan airport

And we're off! We left the united states 1am Wednesday and arrived in Taiwan at 6 am today. We had a three hour layover there to stretch our legs, eat, and recuperate after the long flight across the pacific ocean.

We loved flying Eva air! I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Asia! The seats were comfy, the service impeccable, and they served 3 full meals! They also have an amazing selection of music and movies! Kat told me to watch Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. If you haven't seen it, watch it! It's amazing!!

Once we landed at Taiwan airport, we ran amuck through the crazy hello kitty nursery, the relaxation room and the post office/Internet room. We even sat down at a cute restaurant to have some braised beef noodle soup before getting back on the plane to Hanoi. We got free massages!! It's lik Disneyland in here!

I'm only sorry to not experience Taiwan more. Next time I'm in Asia, I'll make sure to spend time in the city because I am thoroughly impressed! Thanks for the hospitality Taiwan!

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