Saturday, August 28, 2010

rising dragon hotel

We are currently on a 13 hour train to Hue. Its only 8 pm so I have some time to kill.

I don't normally blog about hotels but I have to rave about this one. The Rising Dragon Hotel. They have the most amazing staff and I highly, highly recommend them if you are traveling to Hanoi.

We booked another hotel in Hanoi the previous night. It had the highest ratings on hostel bookers but we were unimpressed when we finally found it after the longest trek around the lake. Returning from a day trip to Ha Long, we decided to walk around the part of the city we liked and had the bus drop us off in the vicinity.

The girls watched our bags while I ran in to negotiate prices and check out the rooms. Rising Dragon exceeded it's competitors by a mile. The front lobby is gorgeous and Thuy, the working staffer negotiated a great price for us, promising a wonderful breakfast the next day as well. I scoped out the other 2 placed but this was by far the best.

We all took hot showers, cleaned up, and went to check out the night flea market down the street.

Thuy offered to book train tickets for us When I asked about trains to Hue. She was able to book the livitrans cabin for us, which is the nicer train reserved for tourists. We cannot be happier that she was able to save us a trip to the station, but also the stressful wait in line when actually get there. Because she booked it through the hotel, they delivered the tickets to the hotel by courier that day right before the taxi picked us up! How amazing is that?!

For breakfast, for free, they served us French bread with fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and banana crepes. Hot bold coffee was abundant and delicious with condensed milk.

To prep us for the next leg of our trip, they also pulled up Hue on the map and recommended the area to stay in, and what to do.

Oh I can't forget meow meow the house kitty!!! He was the best! Not afraid of humans by any means, he introduces himself by pouncing on your keyboard and won't leave until you pet him. We were infatuated with him but he took to Kat the most.

If you are traveling to Hanoi, you have to stay here to experience the great surrounding culture, sleep comfortably in safe clean rooms, and have an amazing breakfast with the best staff on earth!

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