Monday, August 30, 2010

hanoi to hue train

We took a 14 hour train to Hue. We splurged on a Livitrans sleeper, and thank god we did. For only $10 more, we got a whole cabin to ourselves for the night, comfy sleepers so that we can arrive in Hue refreshed for the busy day ahead. Since we did not stay in Hue overnight, a full night's rest is needed!

view from our window on the train

they gave us noodles on the train for breakfast

our awesome cabin with 4 sleepers, two on the bottom, 2 on top


  1. all of the pictures look so awesome!
    keep us posted!

  2. Chuyến du lịch của các bạn thật đẹp.
    Hình nhìn ai cũng xinh hết.
    Khi nào bạn buồn bạn nhớ đi Hanoi to Hue> nhé mà khi nào bạn rãnh thì nên tới việt nam du lịch ha.


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