Saturday, September 04, 2010

angkor wat, kampuchea

One of the 7 modern wonders of the world and it is truly wondrous. The ruins are insanely stunning, words cannot describe. All I can say is that I couldn't stop taking pictures and was constantly mesmerized by the vastness of all the temples.

It rained a lot that day, thank god, because our friends had gone the week before and it was too excruciatingly hot to trek 3 temples in 6 hours. Tien and I donned our pink and blue ponchos and got a lot of amazing photos. Kat had an umbrella but we were all still pretty soaked by the end of the day.
The ponchos get a separate post.

The day started off rough when the tour we booked from the hotel screwed us over by not giving us a tour guide when we bargained for one the day before. They wanted $25 for the tour guide, plus $15 for the tuk tuk to take us around the temples, and then wanted the same price the next day without the tour guide! We got pissed and decided to rake a gamble in the old market. We took the tuk tuk there and found a whole day tour for 13 US dollars....which is more than half off what the hotel tried to charge us! And we got our own minibus with AC and a legit guide to add! The tour had left already, but the booking agent was so good. He arranged for us to ride a tuk tuk and car to chase the rest of the tour that had left on the bus. Tien and I rode on the tuk tuk to Angkor Thom, and Kat rode in a beat up corolla. We had the best view with the wind in our hair, and riding through the jungle between all the trees.

At Angkor Thom


tomb raider ain't got shit on tien's arms

just a pretty image at Ta Phrom

happy that we wore our merrell's!

Our tour group were all women, and we had the best time. We all took a lot of pictures together and exchanged emails. As per our normal travel regimen, we took stupid pictures, cute pictures, and then jumping pictures. The ice was broken at lunch when we ordered amazing dishes to share. Overall, we were so happy with our tour group for Angkor Wat. Oh, and this is where Tomb Raider was filmed as well. Angelina Jolie lived here for a year, and adopted Maddox while she was filming.

On our way out, it rained hard, but these little kids were wading in the lake in front of Angkor Wat. They were so incredibly cute and fearless. I love the primary colors and how they posed for us! But then they asked for candy, and when we said we didn't have any, they asked for a dollar. When we said no to that, they immediately asked for $20! hahhahaha such witty children...

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