Monday, September 13, 2010

luang prabang, laos

Laos is beautiful. The drive in was just full of lush greenery and the people have been so nice. The countryside is absolutely stunning with the high mountains and low clouds. The people are polite and they don't pressure you into anything. Bargaining with them is much different than dealing with the Viets, Cambodians, and Thais.

Luang Prabang is very serene. It rained cats and dogs all day today but we walked around anyway. There was not a single honk of a tuk tuk nor car horn although we walked through the main street. We found a cheap hotel ($3 US) a night, right across the street from $100 a night accommodation for the rich whom probably refuse to eat anything but the nice French restaurants.

This is dead center on the river...and we got another visa on the other side! Thailand to Laos!

There is a lot of French influence, Scandinavian influence, and then Laotian mixed into Lao food. We found the night market and the night food market. It's similar to the street food in Vietnam, filled with all kinds of AMAZING food. Grilled fish on a stick, fresh from the river, beef noodle soup, and all other kinds of lao food. We tried everything and had the best meal, only costing us $3 total!!

grilled fish on a stick

I'm very fond of Lao food and love the street vendors. I can't resist the crepes!!!!! They make them exactly like in Paris, and it makes me so happy to hold a hot, perfectly made crepe with nutella and bananas inside, or lemon sugar, or condensed milk with bananas!!!! They call them pancakes here...for 10,000 kip, I can have about 5 of them a day.

We are off to Vang Vieng next for the tubing. I've never heard of tubing before, but during our travels through Siem Reap and Thailand, other backpackers rave about Laos and Vang Vieng's tubing scene. Tomorrow, we will head out to the river to test this out!!
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