Friday, September 10, 2010


One of the most interesting things to see in Thailand are the ladyboys. Ladyboys are very famous in Thailand. They are transvestites, men who have taken on the persona of a woman completely, physically and mentally, and they are stunningly gorgeous. We had so much fun watching the show, but seeing them in person afterward really makes you question your femininity! The cabaret itself was really entertaining, especially since most if it is so flamboyant and corny.

We saw Calypso in Bangkok, held at Asia Hotel. This cabaret is a bit smaller than the Simon Caberet in Phuket, but we got to take a lot of pictures with them after the show, and it was a smaller stage so we could be a lot closer. I couldn't stop snapping photos of them during the show, but thank god it didn't need any flash.

Mine and Tien's favorite part was the Wonder Girls routine. They looked identical to the real one hit wonder group...actually maybe a little better! The dance moves were exactly the same as the video so we were laughing and singing along to it the whole time.

"I don't want nobody nobody but you!"

watch the video! it's awesome!!!!!

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  1. Thailand made me paranoid. And it didn't wear off until a few days after I left.


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