Tuesday, September 07, 2010

may kaidee's cooking class

Kat was feeling under the weather so she stayed in to sleep. Tien and I walked around the area to see what the other hotels looked like and just explore. In an alley across the way, we saw a sign for cooking classes and inquired. Normally the rate for these thai classes ate about 35 per person and up. Here, it was only 20 per person and they cook with all organic food!

If you are in Bangkok, you MUST take cooking classes here. Orn is the most amazing woman. The spirit of this woman is beyond anyone I've ever met. She is so vibrant and funny, she dances and sings while she teaches and the result of each learned dish is beyond fantastic...mainly because love sweat and maybe even some tears were put into each dish!

I have never had so much fun cooking in my life. Two others, a mother and son traveling to Thailand on their way back to Tokyo, joined our group and we hit it off right away. The class was only supposed to last 1-2 hrs and consist of 3 courses. To our delight Orn showed us 9 in a span of 3 hrs! She started off the class by showing us how to muddle our own green chili paste, which is the base for most Thai dishes. We also cooked red curry, green curry, phad thai, phad seu, tom kha, tom yum, seaweed soup and peanut sauce. During our cooking and dancing frenzy, we made so much food we couldn't even eat it fast enough.

enjoying one of many dishes

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