Thursday, September 23, 2010

exploring china

I stand out in China in this outfit. I fit in a lot better in Southeast Asia where the weather is wicked humid and hot. Flying in, I didn't anticipate the weather to be a nice 75 degrees F with not much humidity at all. It's actually quite similar to California. Here, all the women are covered from head to toe in something. I found it really interesting, watching the women dress. Many are dressed like I normally would in the States, but all bare legs are covered with pantyhose if they are wearing shorts or skirts. More than being conservative, they just don't want their skin to be exposed to the sun. Although Vitamin D is great, it isn't as important as preserving their porcelain skin. As dark as I am right now, I was quite surprised to get so many Chinese locals coming up to me, and telling me I look Chinese. They would gesture to my features and say "face is Chinese." I had this effect on the Thais, the Laotians, and the Vietnamese. Guess I'm adapting to each country better than I thought!

H&M halter, pants from Thailand, bag from Laos, Old Navy flip flops, Aldo sunglasses

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