Wednesday, October 27, 2010

camel colored in romania

I'm in Bucharest, Romania!!! I have never been so grateful for the Latin alphabet as much as I am right now!!! I can understand directions and signs!!!! After two months of looking at characters in every southeast asian language, and then cyrillic in russia, romanian is just great to look at.
H&M wrap, Gap long sleeve tee, Topshop tights, H&M booties, H&M brown bag, 
Forever 21 blue belt, World Market scarf
We had this in between lunch and dinner. Kat had a mulatto and i had a mocha cappuccino. Both are delicious and delectable. Too bad I couldn't make it to dinner because my cold got worse throughout the day and I went home to bed immediately after this. Don't worry, it was a 5 hour thing. I hurled everything I ate that day, slept for about 15 hours, and woke up perfectly fine. I'm not a doctor's daughter for nothing, you know! *_*

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