Thursday, October 21, 2010

same same as mulberry but different

 I have been drooling over the Alexa Mulberry bag for months and months. I knew that I would have to settle for a much cheaper version of it, but held off on buying anything since I was leaving for months of travel and never found the right one. I used many a hobo bag throughout Asia, but now it's time to buy a nice one for Europe. Since my clothing is more winter oriented now, it requires nice accessories as well. This H&M bag is the perfect combo if price and quality. I practically grabbed it off the hanger when I saw it. It was meant to finding it in H&M!!
h&m bag

I'm in Russia at the moment, and the styles here are fantastic. Every woman I see walking down the street is wearing something I covet, whether it be boots, coats, or bag. If one was to ever be on a hunt for coats or boots, I would highly recommend looking for one here. The selection is phenomenal. Any style, any shape, size, color you want is available in any given store on the street. If you don't see what you like, try next door. Yes, there are that many.

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