Sunday, October 24, 2010

julius neck fur

 I got this neck fur thing because it looks so fun to wear. H&M had one that I was eyeing this whole week. I finally broke down and got it after I froze my ass off in line outside the Hermitage. We named it Julius because I keep calling it my "animal" thing and Kat's dog is named Cleo after Cleopatra. Therefore, my animal has to be named Julius. When Kat gets her neck fur thing, we will call it Marcus.
H&M neck fur, H&M coat, Topshop tights, H&M booties, H&M bag

sorry for the same pose. i seem to pose like this when i'm in tights
Zara dress I bought for the ballet. It has a white line across the front with a cute bow tie. I wore it with pearls I got from Nepal, Topshop tights, and H&M booties. The pics are not very clear, so I'll sport it again another time. It's sleeveless but quite warm.


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