Wednesday, January 12, 2011

cropped cashmere

This is my absolute favorite piece from 830sign. 100% Italian cashmere, the perfectly cropped length, and the warm fuzziness makes this the perfect study sweater. The tee, I will have to do in another blog. It actually says SAME SAME, but DIFFERENT on the front and back!!! It was the theme in Bangkok, and I just had to get a kitschy tee to commemorate our favorite phrase. I just layered the green to contrast the blue for this outfit. I wore this outfit pretty much everyday in some variation or another the past 2 weeks. I finally caught my brother today to snap these quick photos before the sun set.
830sign cropped cashmere sweater, tee from Bangkok Thailand, J Brand jeans, Bocage boots

I got this cross in Dublin, Ireland on this last trip. We bought so many lucky charms along the way, but i realized that I didn't have a cross. I was on the hunt for one in Paris, preferably at Notre Dame, but nothing was under $100. I found this 18 carat covered cross in a store at the duty free, but it was just too pretty to pass up. We were in transit, going home, and it was just the perfect ending present to myself. My mum gave me a gold cross when I was 5...I still have it...but when i showed her this cross, she thought it was a nice supplement for when I want to change it up. Yay! Mum approved!

Got these boots in Paris at Bocage on Rue de Rivoli. I searched high and low for the perfect pair of Parisian boots to bring home, and these were it. Comfy, high, warm, and so effing cute.

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  1. you just gave me an awesome idea. Cashmere yarns are pretty expensive, and I would need less than 400g to make this sweater! D'oh, CROPPED sweater, why didn't I think of that. :D


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