Saturday, January 08, 2011

violet hour

Violet Hour is an amazing studio and art gallery in downtown Fullerton. The Art Walk is full of fun surprises, and Violet Hour is no exception. Artists come and show off their work, and everything is on sale. I went to see my best friend Leanne Roberson Sargeant's show. Her series is amazing, and here are some photos I took while walking through the gallery. There are 3 or 4 warehouses connected and a lot of artists were showing this month. It's a great venue and all artwork shown is on go check it out!!!!

I went to see a few friends show their work this month, and was taken aback by the gallery. Mike and Candace have done an amazing job with the space they own, and the way they display their artists' work makes the whole experience super fun and unique. Every nook and cranny of the warehouse has something interesting, and i feel like I'm walking through a labyrinth of personal expression.

the artist herself! Leanne Roberson Sargeant
Valerie amazing artist

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